(over the) Axis Explained here.
Character’s spine The character’s desires and weaknesses.
Colour grading Altering or enhancing the colours of the footage.
(Directing/direction) note A comment given to the actor on his or her acting.
Dramedy Explained here.
First cut The first edit of the film.
Letterbox Two black bars placed on the top and the bottom of the screen, to change the aspect ratio of the film.
Over the shoulder (shot) A shot made from the perspective from the behind the shoulder of another person.
Post-production All the work done after the shooting days, such as editing, sound design and colour grading.
Pre-production All the work and preparations done before the shooting days.
Production The shooting days of the film project.
Protagonist The lead character in a story
Proxy-footage Scaled down footage to a lower resolution than the original footage (so it’s less heavy on the computer)
Quarter life crisis / QLC Explained here.
Shot list List of all the shots that need to be made during the shooting days.
Stabilisation Technique used in post production to make the footage more stable and less shaky.
Storyboard A drawn out version of the shots in the film. A tool to pre-visualise the film.
Type-casting Casting an actor or actress based on their appearance.

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