About me

My name is Judith and I’m a 21-year-old Art and Technology student who is going on the adventure of graduating with a short film. I’m going to write and direct the film. On this blog you can find all the progress, research and intermediate products that belong to the production of my first short film: On The Edge. Feel free to follow me here and see how my first short film comes into existence and develops over time.

The reason I’m making this film

As I found out I chose the wrong studies and I did not have an alternative option, I started worrying about the years I felt I’d wasted. What could I possibly do to turn this around? How could I ever repair this knowledge gap that my wrong choice had created? How much more time would I have to spend compared to the average student to get to the same place they were? All these questions did not seem to have answers and if they did, the answers were depressing. I would have to spend twice as much time studying as a ‘regular’ student who chose the right studies from the start. This felt like an enormous setback to me, and I felt completely unprepared for a job and ‘adult life’, all symptoms of a quarter life crisis. But after some time of panicking and worrying about what damage I’d done to my life, I realised: it doesn’t matter. This ‘wrong studies’ of mine taught me many useful things which I’d never had learned had I chosen a different studies. Your life’s flexibility doesn’t end once you turn 22, there are many more choices to be made in your life which are equally important and there is no ‘one right way’ to live your life. And I feel like a dialogue needs to be opened up about this, so that I can help people show that a quarter life crisis is okay to have, and it isn’t the end of your life.

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