Blog Structure

The posts on this blog all fall into certain categories. Some blog are filed under multiple categories, so they can be found in multiple places. Next to these categories which indicate where the posts belong in my graduation process, there are two other categories, being directing and screenwriting, which indicate whether the post has to do with screenwriting or directing.

The categories in which the post is filed can be found at the top of the post, above the title. All categories can be found at the bottom of the page, in a drop down menu. By selecting a certain category, a page is loaded where all posts from that category are displayed, which makes for easy browsing.

General Information

In this category  you can find thing such as the introduction, what I’m researching and all other general information about my research and graduation.

Research & 360 scan

This is general research in fields where I need more information, as well as research as to what already exists in the area of short (dramedy) films and what information is readily available about these subjects.

Designing and Developing

Here you can find anything and everything from my process of the actual creation of the short film. For example character development, first drafts of the screenplay, moodboards, etc.

Testing and evaluating

In this category you can find all posts related to me testing prototypes of the products, receiving feedback of all kinds and reflecting on what works and what doesn’t.


This makes it easier to track my progress in developing my professional product, as well as an easy way to see how many consultations I’ve had, and with whom.

Weekly Update

Here you can find weekly updates on what has happened in the past week and what I have planned for the week to come. This is the red thread that runs through my blog on a weekly basis so you can easily keep track of what has happened and what is to come.