About this project

First of all, I want to thank Claudia Tellegen and Gerben Kor for the fantastic guidance they’ve given me during this entire process. I could not have done this without them. They’ve really helped me challenge myself and push for the best, steering me or supporting me where needed.

Second, I want to thank Patrick Potgieter for being a great producer without whom I would have never been able to make this film. By setting up a CineCrowd campaign he made the film possible financially, he arranged the location, managed the planning, arranged the catering on set and did many more things without which ‘On The Edge’ would never have been possible.

I also want to thank my amazing cast and crew who have worked really hard, stayed up through the night and given their best work to make On The Edge. This would never have been possible without each and everyone of you and I couldn’t be more grateful you wanted to be a part of this project.

I want to thank all the volunteers and donators who helped make On The Edge possible. Without their help and support On The Edge would not have been possible.

Lastly I want to thank my parents and my boyfriend, Twan, for putting up with a stressed out, overly fanatic daughter and girlfriend in their lives for the last five months. I would not have been able to make it through this process without your love and support. Thank you so much for putting up with me ;)

On The Edge

On The Edge is a short film about the quarter life crisis. It is the graduation project of two students, being Patrick Potgieter and me, Judith Ritsema. Several of my talented fellow students will be helping me create this short film, as well as a couple of volunteers. This is a low-budget production which is funded through CineCrowd. We have the small budget of approximately €2000.- from which we’ll need to pay everything ranging from travel costs of everyone involved to electricity, catering and props. Whereas usually students graduate with an internship in a company, I’ve chosen to set up my own project and make something I can be proud of. It feels great to be able to share this creative process with my cast and crew, because everyone contributes to the end result: On The Edge, the short film.


There are few short films that deal with the problem of the quarter life crisis. This is a serious issue among people in their early twenties. There is a lot of pressure on people around the age of twenty to choose the right studies, finish them in the set amount of years, graduate with great grades, find a good job and start living the good life. However, after graduation, or sometimes even during their University years, students start feeling this enormous pressure of having to step into adulthood and having to start building a life of their own, but they have no clue how or where to start. This causes feelings of insecurities, doubt, stress and sometimes even depression.

A short film seems like a good way of opening up the dialogue, because it can address the issue in a light-hearted way in a short amount of time, which is an easy way of getting a conversation going without overwhelming people with either information or strong emotions. The reason I want to take a light-hearted approach is because I am making this film for the people who are dealing with the quarter life crisis themselves. I want to give them a positive boost of energy and show them that not all hope is lost. If there is a strong emotion left among the audience members after all, I want it to be hope, happiness or relief.

Project members

Of course I won’t be making this film all by myself. First of all, Claudia Tellegen and Gerben Kor will be guiding we through the process. Claudia will help me stay on track with my graduation-progress and keep an eye on my blog, making sure I write everything down properly. Gerben will guide me in the process of writing and directing the film, asking other professionals for help as well when needed.

Patrick Potgieter is the producer for On The Edge. He, too, is graduating with this short film.

Michaël Terlouw will be the DP during this project. He is responsible for the lighting on location and will do all the camerawork.

Hermen Gerrits and Dirk van der Graaf are the gaffer and camera-assistent. These guys will help Michaël out on set and be his extra pairs of hands.

Nico Dilz is the sound-designer and -recorder. He will record all sound on location and also do the sound design afterwards.

Sjoerd Hageman is the editor for this short film. He is going to cut all the footage into a coherent, moving story.

Erik Schenkel will compose the soundtrack for On The Edge, creating an original score especially for his short film.

Nastassia Vuursteen will bring live to Sophia on screen.

Yaron Mesika is going to bring Kenneth to live in the film.